Monday, August 8, 2011

Mama remembered

August 7th is one year from the date mama died.  It was a bitter sweet day as it also is my youngest daughter's birthday.  So I decided to make this day about life and the wonderful gift I have with my daughter and also the wonderful memories I have of my mom.  I let Jamie decide what we would do for the day, and of all things, she wanted to visit the Holocaust Museum in Richmond.  So after Church and lunch we found our way to the museum, after several phone calls to friends.  I didn't have a clue where it was and there is another story in that so I won't go on.
      I felt dread as we walked closer to the door, but I also thought how fitting that we should be here.  Not just to remember the horror of how cruel people can be to each other but also I remembered mom and the stories she told me of her experiences in the camps.  I saw the faces of the people and I could feel their pain and anguish.  This was a most fitting place to be on the anniversary of her death, for out of such sadness
one knows life goes on.  That was a lesson she taught me.  That through the horrors of war, the loses of life -friends and family, and being torn apart from family we can survive and life does go on.
Jamie (the birthday girl) on our favorite trip to Disney.
      At the end of the tour we met one of the survivors and I thanked him for establishing the museum.  I feel we must remember because many still do not believe and if we forget we are doomed to repeat.   Now the day ended with a wonderful dinner at home and we sat around and played a card game together.  We laughed at Sage my granddaughter and just enjoyed each other.  Isn't that what it is all about!!