Saturday, September 18, 2010

A fall day

    Today has been a bitter sweet day.  It was beautiful outside and I have been working in mama's flower beds.  It was a perfect day to work in the yard.  Then just when I am close to being done, and I am pruning the Chinese maple I remember the last time I pruned it.  Mom would take her cane and pull a branch down with the hook of the cane and I would cut where she told me to cut.  We laughed and at first when I remembered I laughed but then the tears came thinking about all she had done and how all of the beauty around me was because she had worked so hard fixing these flower beds.  She had such a green thumb, she could make anything grow.   Many of the boxwoods we have here, as a matter of fact all but two, were started by cuttings that my mother would then nurse into bushes.  Everywhere I look inside and out my mother is there and it makes me happy but it also makes my heart break.  I thought being older would make this easier but I see it is never easy to loose someone you love, especially your mom.
Spring time on the farm.  See all the boxwoods. 

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