Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nonna's story, the beginning

I'm not sure about blogging but I felt I needed to get the story out about the awesome lady who was my mom.  Mom died one month ago on August 7th at 1am.  My sister, Tina, and myself were with here and we both felt very blessed to have been with her that last week.  It was not only a gift to take care of her but it was a gift to us to have that time and remember the funny times.   Mom was a strong and powerful woman and you always knew where you stood with her.  She was born on Valentine's day 1925 so she was named Barbara Valentina Driussi.  The next to the youngest of 6, she was born at home in the little village of Tricessimo (I will have to check on the spelling) in the Udine region of Italy.  I was so fortunate to have gone there with mom 6 years ago and it was so beautiful I cried when we got out of the taxi.  It was breath taking with the Alps all around.  I couldn't believe she left  there.  But that part of the story comes later.  Here's to all mom's friends who knew and loved here.  Thanks and more to come tomorrow.  I hope I will do her justice because she was so much more than anyone could have guessed.


  1. Maria,
    What a beautiful place you have here for Nonna. She has her own little corner of the blogosphere now. I hope you enjoy the process of sharing her story. No one knew her better than you.

  2. Maria, I think it's great that you are doing this. Nonna's life story should be shared with the world. What a wonderful lady she was. Thank you sister for sharing. Love you, Norma